For the Medium Voltage Secondary Distribution network of up to 40.5 kV, Ormazabal presents a series of fully gas-insulated compact modular cubicles (RMU), with which any electrical configuration can be assembled, as well as air-insulated cubicles and highly flexible switchgear with high-specification features.

Ormazabal’s experience in working with fully gas-insulated technology since the 90s, has resulted in the production of very safe products that are not affected by aggressive environmental conditions. This range is completely modular and the use of the ORMALINK joining assembly (patented by Ormazabal) ensures that they are fully extensible. This results in the equipment’s long useful life. In addition, the active parts of the cubicles require no maintenance.

Due to our concern for the environment, the materials used are recyclable to a high degree, the volume of gas per functional unit is low, and we ensure that the product’s end-of-life cycle is suitably handled.